What happens when you take it?

What happens when you first start getting H¹O into your system?  Great question. To Start. Will you notice something change in your body the very first time you take it? No. 

 Think of it this way. If you eat, drink or consume something and feel an immediate impact - it probably isn’t the best for you. 

H¹O is a product that over time you begin to feel its positive effects. For some people it is 2 or 3 days, for others it might be 2 or 3 weeks. Results will vary depending on the individual. 

 What you need to remember:

The most important thing to remember is to take it on an empty stomach. 

The stomach is a very acidic environment. Now when food isn’t present, it does not exist in a state of perpetual high acidity - otherwise it would digest itself. The stomach only produces acid when it needs it for digestion and then it returns to a less acidic state. 

What you will start to notice:

At first you may experience increased urination as your body eliminates excess toxins and works to flush it out - but don’t worry - because this will decrease over time and it’s very natural. 

If you experience increased urination, stay at that current dosing level until the urinary decreases – but there’s no need to be concerned that this increase will lead to dehydration. 

Learning to listen to your body is the most important factor in determining how fast to increase your intake and finding the perfect balance that works for you.


How the H¹O Gel gets to work on your skin:

The H¹O Gel does the same thing that it does internally, but topically for your skin.  

When you introduce the Gel to an affected area on your skin, it gets to work fast by creating new water molecules, and hydrating the skin cells. By eliminating these skin irritations, the body’s inflammation responses are quieted, leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated with hydration. 

This hydration process continues to send a steady flow of oxygen to all the skin cells that really need it. The H¹O Gel also helps prime the detox pathways, by opening up your skin pores and flushing out remaining bacteria that cause rashes and irritations.

The H¹O Gel is a dermatologist recommended gentle formula that is perfect for year-round usage for healthy and glowing skin!

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