Who It's For

H¹O Gel and Concentrate is intended for everybody, young or old. Athlete or not, it doesn’t matter. 

We all have toxins that slow us down that need to be removed. Just because we can’t see the war going on in our bodies on the molecular level, doesn’t mean the damage isn’t being done. 

Reduce inflammation everyday athletes deal with  

Inflammation is a direct reaction to damage on a cellular level. Anytime you have a challenging workout, your body activates an inflammatory cascade that alerts cells to heal whatever "damage" was done. 

Lactic acid is produced when people workout. If that lactic acid were reduced or eliminated, every athlete would have significantly greater endurance. Lactic acid (as well as inflammation) is what makes us feel sore after a workout. H¹O helps boost your endurance from reducing lactic acid but also ultra-hydrating them for peak performance.

H¹O also soothes the effects from inflammation in the joints for everyday athletes. Injuries such as tennis and golfer's elbow or a runners’ knee is really just inflammation. It is the micro-tearing of the tendons that join the muscles on the outside of the elbow and knee. 

H¹O is your first line of defense when protecting the vulnerability of these injury zones. 

Eliminate toxins and upgrade your skincare routine  

Skincare is always top of mind. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and can expose your entire body to the penetration of toxins. The H¹O Topical Gel is a unique mineral formula that provides frontline support in the fight against inflammation. 

When your body is dealing with toxin overload, your skin will be an outlet to flush it all out, resulting in uncomfortable or sometimes embarrassing skin blemishes and irritations. The H¹O Topical Gel helps those dealing with puffy eyes, rashes, blemishes and inflammation on the skin. 

The H¹O Gel restores the skin with nourishment, floods it with hydration, and reloads it with oxygen. 

The Gel works from the outside in - and the concentrate works from the inside out.

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